OF.ONE BOOK STAY cannot be reserved by phone or text.

Reservation services are provided with Stayfolio platform.

Check in - Check out

- Early check-in / late check-out are not available due to the room cleaning & management issue.


- Minors without guardians and pets are not allowed.

- Visitors are not allowed to enter the room more than the number of people booked, and the guest is responsible for that. 

- Bedding will be arranged according to the number of people you booked. 

- If you sleep more than 3 nights, we will arrange a room including bedding and towels.

- If you have damaged or lost accommodation facilities and furniture, you can be requested compensation. 

- You cannot cook food (meat, fish, etc.) that smells and smoke inside the room.

- CCTVs are installed at the entrance for your safety and prevention of theft.

- Please be careful when climbing up and down the stairs. We are not responsible for the accident.

- We specialize in disinfection through contract with a quarantine company. Please understand that you can see bugs or pests due to the nature of the environment. You can't get a refund while staying in a room due to a bug.

Reservation Guide

- After payment is made and completed, we will send you a confirmation message.

- Reservation will be canceled if the payment is not made within 12 hours.

- If conflicting reservations exist for the same room on the same day, the earlier request will be given priority.

- Cash receipts can be issued when payment is made. Please make a request at the time of reservation.

- For changes and cancellations, please text to the number where the reservation notice text was sent.

(Reserver name / Check in date)

Commercial Photography And Rental Guide

- Commercial photography, video photography (including advertising, product photography, shopping malls, and SNS markets) and drone photography, which are not previously discussed, is not available.

- For commercial filming or rental, please email us in advance, including the following.

- Content : Brand / Number of people / Date / Equipment / Contact person (Reserver) name and Contact information

- Inquiry :


WIFI, Air conditioner, Apple HomePod, Refrigerator, Cooktop, Microwave, Coffee port, Toaster, Dish, Cooking utensil, Wine glass, Coffee drip bag, Spring water, Book by OF. ONE BOOK

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, Hand wash, Toothpaste, Face towel, Bath towel, Bath salt, Hair dryer, Comb


Std / MaxWeekdayWeekendPeak season

- Weekend rate will be applied on public holidays and the day before.

- 12/21 - 1/1 and Korean nation holiday(New Year’s Day, Chuseok) are the peak season.

- Infants and children is also included on the number of personnel, and the maximum an excessive number of people not admission.

Consecutive Night Discount

Application criteriaDiscount
2 nights or more during off-peak weekdays (Sun-Thu)
10% discount of total amount

- The discount amount is automatically applied during the booking process.

- It does not overlap with the other promotion discounts.

Refund Policy

Please refer to the refund policy below.

100% refund can be made if cancellation certificates are provided for flight/ship cancellation due to bad weather.

10 days before use100% refund of total payment
9 days before use90% refund of total payment
8 days before use80% refund of total payment
7 days before use70% refund of total payment
6 days before use60% refund of total payment
5 days before use50% refund of total payment
4 days before use40% refund of total payment
3 days before use ~No Refundable